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MyStudentKit is the best learning platform that improves student’s academic performance by providing access to educational resources to learners and users of all levels. Whether you want to learn or practice what you’ve learnt, MyStudentKit provides a platform where you can internalize knowledge acquired by daily practice using our study kit and mock test feature. Our learning resources are authentic and carefully selected from past questions of each exam. At MyStudentKit, we adorn learning through daily practice.

Our core values are:


One of the ways to become an effective learner is by learning. Learning is a royal behavior that distinguishes kings and Queens. MyStudentKit offers an all inclusive learning hub where you attain mastery through the use of our academic resources simply.


Practice is learning. We all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives. These goals may include learning a new language, passing an exam or becoming a better student, and so on. When we practice something, we are involved in the deliberate repetition of a process with the intention of reaching a specific goal. This is why MyStudentKit offers you access to relevant study materials that will help you ace that exam in one sitting, reach study goals and hit academic milestones.


The price of constant learning and practice is excellence. As an educational platform, MyStudentKit shows commitment to the excellence of our users by providing authentic and relevant academic resources that will help your study life. MyStudentKit is a subsidiary of Purple Life Technologies, a customer centric tech hub that provides excellent tech services to clients (Visit website)


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